Digits Reports Builder: More visual / branding customization options

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This idea is a little craaaaazy…but it is solely based on feed back I’ve been receiving for my clients. Could there be color template options that I could choose for my clients? My software client LOVES the look and feel of this product, but my digital marketer said to me, “I don’t really like the feel of this. I feel like I’m shooting through space.” She’s too distracted by the “look” to dig the actual product. If I could filter the look to a softer color, I know she’d love it. I know that’s a big request, but I’m hearing this feedback from my clients and other bookkeepers. 

@amcnary Great feedback, much appreciated!

@amcnary customizable templates for Digits Reports Builder -- heard! we will wrap this into a future push

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@amcnary We take feedback really seriously at Digits. Our team put these design mocks together, let me know what you think!




Dannnnnng Wayne!!! YES! 🔥🔥🔥

I definitely can understand the need for customizing the reports look.  Even just having a clean white report is also a good option. 

I freaking LOVE these!

@amcnary hit the nail on the head - clients need options for the look of the report, as well as the information contained within them. I love these options, and I would add a plan white background option as well. 

Hey @amcnary,

I’m Andrew and I’m on the product team at Digits. We were truly inspired by your request, and as @Wayne Chang mentioned, we got straight to work!

I’m pleased to say that this feature is now live!

Digits Reports Builder now has customizable, beautiful report covers supporting Abstract, Industry, and Scenic.

  • Simply generate or view an existing report
  • Click “Options” on the left side to the “Covers” section
  • Select any Cover you want


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Where is the LOVE button when I need it? These covers are AWESOME! Okay - I’m gunna take the idea one step further. Ready? lol Is there a way for the key color in the template cover to continue through the entire report? The design elements of the cover probably would make it too busy if it were carried through the entire report as a backdrop, but perhaps a solid color found in the cover template could help it all blend together well. I know this is a big request - and not really related to the actual analytical power behind the reports, but I think it will 100% pull everything together if it all has the same look and feel. Big request, I know…..but I bet you guys can deliver! ;) 

I love all the options for color & style


Beyond customizing just the reports, I would really love to see the ENTIRE website/portal have customizable themes. Or at least just one option to make it a basic white website instead of the space/future theme with a dark background that is going on now. I will be honest in saying that is the ONLY reason I have not started using Digits for my business. I find it hard to read all of the data and it’s just not pleasing to my eyes, so it’s not something I would want to share with my clients. Hopefully that honest feedback is helpful!

@AbbyTBK Thank you! We LOVE hearing your honest feedback 🙏🏻 Our team has taken note of this and we’ll let you know if more options become available!