Audit Vendors, Categories and Transactions for your own and historical variance context

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When auditing a companies books it can be extremely difficult to understand the reason why something changed over time or what the background information is around the drivers of a variance.


With Digits Search we make it easy to dive directly into the details of the variance in a transaction, vendor, customer or category to see the details in the ledger. We also allow you add your own tracking notes and see any commentary around a transaction that may have occurred around why something is the way that it is. Make auditing orders of magnitude easier with Digits Search. 



  1. Open Digits Search
  2. Search for the transaction, vendor, customer or category in question.
  3. Find the details you are looking for around the variance, make a comment to remind yourself of any insights or context. 
  4. Also dig through any other related categories or vendors for deeper understanding

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