June brought 22 massive upgrades!

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June brought 22 massive upgrades!

In May we moved even faster. Our Product & Engineering teams released two new, groundbreaking tools into Labs: Digits Boost (Save time. Automate your work.) and Digits Reports Builder (Just Drag. Drop. Done.)!

Our community is vibrant with lots of issues, annoyances, and pain points that we are building tools for. We launched Product Ideas board so you can submit, upvote, and follow along on community suggestions. We move quick, so you can also watch as things go from idea to full on feature that our team builds and ships into the tools.


Upgrade Highlights

Our tools continue to improve and we’re proud to highlight just a few of the dozens of improvements that’s shipped in the last month.


Bulk Editing + QBO Push = 🚀

We are so thrilled to hear customer testimonials about how Digits Boost has improved their workflows and made the ability to do their work even faster. We heard our customers feedback and are thrilled to announce two joint features — bulk editing and push to Quickbooks, making Digits Boost even faster. Save time. Automate your work.

Reports Builder + Digits Search

Why spend time in spreadsheets creating charts and graphs, then figuring out what to show? Our groundbreaking Reports Builder just got even better. Now with Digits Search integrated, you can search for what you want and it’ll show up, already beautifully laid out for you. No tedious analysis. Just Drag. Drop. Done.

Digits Reports + Read-Receipts

One of the most requested features from our Community: the ability to know if your client has opened your report (and enjoying Hover to Discover!). Introducing Digits Reports Read-Receipts!

Your Brand, Your Digits

We heard you loud and clear. You work hard on your brand. Flaunt it by adding your logo directly into Digits. Now fully supported. 


Full Change Log


Digits Boost

  • Digits Boost: Now available in Labs
  • Feature: Users can standardize their vendor naming based on Digits’ Vendor Database
    • Digits Boost alerts users if the vendor name differs from industry standards
  • Feature: Category Suggestions and Outlier Detection
    • Digits Boost alerts users if category assignments differ from historical patterns
  • Feature: Detect Sensitive Information in Transactions with Digits Boost
    • Users are safeguarded by Boost’s PII checks
  • Feature: Launched the ability to push to Quickbooks
    • Users can now write their Boost edits straight back to QBO
  • Feature: Added support for bulk editing
    • Users can now take action on multiple Boost suggestions at once

Digits Reports + Digits Reports Builder

  • Digits Report Builder: Now available in Labs
  • Feature: Digits Search, now integrated into Report Builder
    • Users can now search for any Vendor, Customer or Category in the Reports Builder sidebar
  • Feature: Insights for Quarterly Reports Added
    • Users now have quarterly insights added
  • Feature: Auto-save layout
    • Report layouts made in Report Builder now save automatically
  • Feature: Read-receipt for Digits Reports
    • Receive a notification if your client has viewed a report
  • Feature: Ability for accountants to self-share a report
    • Users can now share reports to yourself through a dedicated experience
  • User Experience Enhancements
    • Report Author + Edit report button added to the reports browser
    • Updated 'Share' and 'Comment' buttons
    • Share button sparkle animation on hover
    • Hover over for preview button
    • Top banner for preview mode

Accountant Portal

  • User Experience Enhancements
    • Accountants portal design upgrade
  • Digits Boost added to dashboard
    • Users will now see the Digits Boost Icon in their dashboard

Living Model

  • Feature: Detect Similar Transactions
    • Users can now benefit from state of the art machine learning models to detect similar transactions using latest natural language processing technologies coming out of research labs at Google Brain, and OpenAI.
  • Feature: Continuous updates to the Living Model
    • Users experience continuously improving performance by the Living Model
  • Feature: Explanation of Decision by the Living Model
    • Users can learn why our machine learning models made certain suggestions