Transaction Review Upgrades & Boost Updates!

Transaction Review Upgrades & Boost Updates!

Howdy Digits Community!

We know you're always looking for ways to save time which is why we are excited to share several new updates that will make your life easier and your workflow more efficient.

Here are some of our powerful new features within Transaction Review:

  • Class & Location: You can now assign Class and Location directly from Transaction Review with ease.

  • Vendor Suggestions: Digits AI will provide a suggestion in Transaction Review when your transaction is missing a vendor, or you can choose to create a new vendor and save it to QBO. Further ensuring accuracy and completeness. 

  • More control and flexibility: You now have more control and flexibility with the ability to select which transactions you send to clients and the specific fields, such as class, location, category, and vendor, that you save to QBO, and choose when to do so!


In addition to the Transaction Review updates above, we’ve also rebranded Boost to Quality Check.

After hearing from this Community, we recognized Quality Check more accurately describes the tool and what it does. Plus, it better aligns with your process of reviewing transactions, ensuring the accuracy and quality of clients' data, and ultimately creating and sharing reports with them. 


The only change for you is the name you will see on the navigation, and instead of receiving notifications for "boosts," you will now see "alerts." Everything else will remain the same.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!


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