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  • 1 November 2023
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Before I submit a product suggestion, I wanted to see if the thought has come up to allow clients to have the ability to select the chart of account just as the account can. It seems that transaction review is simply a chat between the accountant/bookkeeper and the client. Now it does alleviate excessive phone calls, etc. But I am not seeing where it saves time in a workflow. I am truly trying to understand the product intent before making a suggestion. 


So thank you for the insight. It is greatly appreciated. 😊

3 replies

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Hey @Myranda HP Just to be sure I’m following, are you looking for clients to be able to use Transaction Review prior to being prompted by you or letting your clients create their own reports?


Hi @Michael, thanks for the response. I would love to see it so we could send clients the transactions to review and they have the capability to select the COA just as we can. I still like the ability to ask the question and get the answer because that helps to provide context and understanding of the transaction should it need to be someplace else within the COA, i.e. the client selects to expense a piece of equipment purchase, which actually needs to be capitalized and the COA needs to be a balance sheet account and we can change it later. 

We currently send XLS to clients with “Ask My Accountant” or “Uncategorized Expense/Revenue” transactions and then make them choose the correct COA (data validated list) and include a column for our notes and theirs should there be some additional information or questions we/they have about the transaction in question. Then they send that back and we make the changes in QBO. If we could get them to be able to select the COA within Transaction Review within Digits (just as it currently is for accountants/bookkeepers) that would be helpful and save time, which is what I am all about. 

Does this help? 😃

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Hey @Myranda HP Yes, that was super helpful to clarify things, thank you very much. We did pursue this option previously, but heard from many accountants that letting clients change the COA would likely result in the client choosing the wrong one. Sounds like something we could potentially add as a per client option for the clients you trust to choose the COA accurately. While not on our immediate roadmap, I will share this feedback with the team.