Client Action Items not Related to Specific Transactions?

  • 24 March 2023
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Is there a way to ask Client questions or assign action items that aren’t connected to specific transactions? 


3 replies

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Hey @Cryptotaxcook,

Thanks for the additional context. 

Currently, there is no way to send action items for things not associated with a transaction.

Similar to the solution leveraging Reports @Michael shared above, you can add comments and mention your clients when viewing parties or categories from our Search tool. 

See example of comment function when viewing parties/categories from Search tool

However,  there is no way to mention or push a question to your client beyond those options mentioned above.

All that said - this is definitely a great idea to add to our "product ideas" section of the community which I encourage you to do!



I guess that’s a nice alternative.

Right now, I’m specifically looking to ask my client to reconnect his disconnected bank accounts in QBO.


Small admin stuff. 

Would be nice to pose as separate question outside of reports or transactions.

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Hey @Cryptotaxcook Great question, you can @ mention your clients with information in reports that are not specifically related to transactions. You can see the client experience of that here or get another view of that here.

Does that cover what you’re looking for? If not, please let me know more!