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  • 26 September 2023
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Please share training videos for Digits.
Do you have template IA prompts to utilize in Digits?
Can i download the overview information so that I can edit and share with my clients in a report?
Additional information about Digits Boost needed

7 replies

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Hello @Pamela Kyle Thanks for flagging this and that is happening while we rebuild part of our website. I’ve followed up over email to address your other questions as well. 

The above link to a report building demo just goes back to the sales page. Please post a good link so I can see the process. Thank you

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Hey @Catrina Craft You’d need to drag and drop those into a report before downloading. Here’s a short video showing how. 

You stated “The analysis would need to be in a report if you wanted to download it.” How do you download the analysis tab reports including the graphs and commentary on the Overview, Categories, and Vendors pages


I figured it out.  I will need to share the full report>

Is there a way to just print the overview summaries


thank you. I will review the resources provided above.


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Thanks for the questions @Catrina Craft 

1) Training videos:
Do any of these videos help out? Client view here. There is a Client Portal client video here that I could get an embedded link for you if you want. 

2) For AI prompts, Digits will give you some sample questions when the AI is launched. 

3) You can add the AI information to a report that you share with your clients. The reports can be printed or saved as a PDF if you don’t want to share the information via a Digits report. The analysis would need to be in a report if you wanted to download it. 

4) For Boost, it has been renamed to Quality Control, but there is more information on it here and here

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback!


Can you download any of the analysis reporting?