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I have a hard time reading white text on a dark background. Is that a setting I can change? Or just something I have to get used to?

It keeps from being able to engage for any length of time, and I do wonder if I’m an anomaly or if it bothers others.

My son says it’s just because I’m old!


Thanks for the idea @abhopmann There isn’t a way yet to disable dark mode, unless you print the report, will make sure the team sees this request! 

Yes, I would prefer the option for a light mode as well.

You aren’t alone! It is hard for me to read, too, and I’m 38. I don’t think I’m that old! :)

Here’s the comment I posted on another request...this thread is more in line with what I hope will be improved.

Beyond customizing just the reports, I would really love to see the ENTIRE website/portal have customizable themes. Or at least just one option to make it a basic white website instead of the space/future theme with a dark background that is going on now. I will be honest in saying that is the ONLY reason I have not started using Digits for my business. I find it hard to read all of the data and it’s just not pleasing to my eyes, so it’s not something I want to share with my clients. Hopefully that honest feedback is helpful!

I love what Abby says above! I would love to see template options for the entire report - not just the cover, too! 

@AbbyTBK @amcnary Thank you for your feedback! We’ve passed this along to our team and we’ll let you know if more options become available :) 

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A lighter mode of Digits is actively being discussed :) Will keep this thread updated on the progress. 

Hallelujah!!  🙌🏻


Please take a look at this post and let us know your thoughts!

I am excited to share that a much lighter mode of Digits is now live for all of you! Please share any feedback, bugs, questions or thoughts :) 


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Is there a way to turn off dark mode in the reports?