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I'm an Accountant focused on Audit, How do I....?

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Hello Auditors!

We at Digits are extremely excited to have built and made available to you the world’s first living model. Allowing us to build groundbreaking tools for professionals in the finance field — including you!

One of our first areas of focus has been to build out tooling that meets the needs of Auditors to solve your most frequent and time intensive tasks.

These tools will help drive efficiency and time savings. All while still giving you the power you need to deep dive into the depths of a companies financials :-) 

Here are just a couple of the workflows we have unlocked with our next generation tools:

  • Even with the thinnest of context like a transaction ID or a vendor to go off of, find the details to assess what is throwing off the numbers in no time with Digits Search. Find everything you need, down to the transaction levelWitness the speed here!
  • With thousands of transactions, vendors and customers to comb through, keeping track of notes you find along the way is painful. Understand the deepest context around the origin of a transaction and how it came into the ledger alongside your own notes directly in line with the financials through Digits Search - Save hours of time here!
  • Remove hours of time doing manual variance analysis over the audit period through using our robust reports analytics toggles. Quickly see if any accounts, vendors or transactions are out of place through auto-heat mapping to highlight the largest areas of movement for easy anomaly detection. Experience to magic here! 
  • Stop using multiple browser windows and tools to navigate through a companies books to find the details you need. Do it all in one place. Dive Deep into the transaction level details of an anomaly in seconds directly from a financial report. See how easy it is here!

We’ll be looking to continually push the boundaries by making our tools even more powerful and also creating new tools for you. Keep watching this thread as we push out new updates for Auditors!

In the mean time, feel free to ask or share your favorite tips & tricks here.

Welcome to the community where we build the tools you need.



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