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Quality Check: Now in Labs

Quality Check: Now in Labs

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Is it possible to add a timeline option to the Reclass all Vendors options, e.g. current year? I keep hitting the recalls all transactions to Vendor name but I then get an error message as I have closed the prior year accounts.

I can still correct things monthly and I guess I’ll start remembering that I’ve closed out accounts but still...😏

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@JessicaF - Just wanted to thank you again for your suggestion of being able to ignore boost suggestions. Following up on that idea, we recently launched the ability to do exactly that! 


Steps to Complete:

  1. Enter Boost for your chosen client
  2. Click on the “Edit Rules” button in the top right
  3. Click on the “+ Add Filter icon”
  4. Select a Vendor, Debit Category or Credit Category
  5. Choose “Is not one of” 
  6. Type in one or multiple Vendors, Debit or Credit Categories to exclude
  7. Hit “Apply” in the bottom right

This will take 24 hours to implement into boost but once complete you should no longer see what you chose to exclude from Boost. 


Take a look and let us know what you think! More to come as well! :-)